White-fleshed Fish are a great way to receive all the benefits of seafood; they’re both low in fat and calories, and extremely rich in high-quality protein. They may not be as good as fatty fish, but they have plenty of other great qualities. Although fatty fish have more omega-3s than lean fish, even lean fish contain some – and these healthful fatty acids are found in very few other foods.

One 3-ounce portion of Cod provides about 20 grams of extremely high-quality protein, and all for less than a hundred calories. Orange Roughy is similar to cod in protein and calories, but delivers even more selenium. One three ounce portion delivers more than one hundred percent of the daily value for this important nutrient. Flounder and Sole fall somewhere between the two in the selenium count, but are otherwise the same on vitamins, minerals, protein and calories. Halibut, also a flatfish like flounder, is found in both the North Atlantic and the Northern Pacific waters. Two other white-fleshed fish are Pollack and Rockfish. Pollack is one of the top fish in the American diet and tons go into fish sticks and Surimi (mock crab meat). Rockfish encompasses a large family and goes by many names. On the East Coast of the U.S., Rockfish is known as Atlantic Ocean Perch, Rosefish or Redfish while on the West Coast, they are known as Rock Cod, Pacific Ocean Perch, or Pacific Red Snapper.

If you are interested in looking at the latest warnings on fish, there is a very informative website called Oceans Alive, www.oceansalive.org.
Fish are rated for both their contamination, and also on how harvesting them affects ecology and the environment. There is also a great section on making smart choices when eating seafood.