Aquatic therapy is an excellent therapeutic, low-impact activity for people of all ages and abilities. Aquatic therapy uses the physical properties of water to assist in patient healing and exercise performance, and is excellent for a variety of medical conditions.

Experience a feeling of weightlessness and freedom immersed in a pool installed just steps away. By decreasing the amount of joint stress, it is becomes easier and less painful to exercise, and because it’s in your home there is no more traveling, dirty locker-rooms or crowded pools to deal with.

Warm water exercise is an excellent way to build strength, ease joint stiffness and relax some muscles
. Water exercise reduces pain and improves endurance, coordination, and the ability to perform daily tasks. Water’s natural buoyancy gently supports joints to encourage free movement as you work against resistance in all directions and not just gravity alone. This means greater aerobic endurance, flexibility, muscle tone, and weight loss – faster.

Set the water temperature to suit your personal preference. A state-of-the-art purification system keeps the water sparkling clean and greatly reduces the need for chlorine. The compact, modular design is easy to install and allows for varying water levels to suit your personal exercise routine.

Whether you goal is to build strength, tone muscle or lose weight, my Endless Pool allows me to stay fit, not only because I really enjoy exercising in it, but I feel so much better after I have finished my workout.

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