To truly understand why real butter is a healthy food, you have to unlearn a great deal of what you have always been taught about saturated fat.

Butter is a rich source of vitamin A, which is needed for many functions in the body. One of the most important is the optimal functioning of the immune system and maintaining good vision. Butter also contains all the other fat-soluble vitamins, E, K, and D. Vitamin D deficiency is being called a “silent epidemic” by many nutritionists. I believe we don’t eat nearly enough of the cancer-fighting, bone-building nutrient.

Real feed for cows is green grass, not grains.
Foods like butter that originate from grass-fed cows are rich in the fats proven to healthful, like omega-3’s, which are virtually absent from their grain-fed counterparts. Food that comes from grass-fed animals also contains CLA, a particularly healthy fat that has demonstrated anticancer properties. Research has also shown CLA to have a lot of promise in fighting weight gain, particularly around the abdomen.

Butter, milk and meat from grain-fed animals contain virtually no CLA, while food from grass-fed animals is a rich source of this health-promoting fatty acid.