Simple to make bath salts are a wonderful addition to bathwater. They make the water feel silky, remove body oils and perspiration, soften the skin, relax the muscles, and soak away the stresses of the day.

Most water in the United States is naturally “hard” due to the minerals it contains. Hard water presents no problem until you use it for washing. Unfortunately, the minerals in water chemically combine with the free alkali in soap to form an insoluble compound that bears the name “soap scum”, also known as bathtub ring.  This compound, having nowhere else to go, deposits itself as a fine film on your skin and hair, leaving them dull and rough.

One solution is to add sodium salts that react with hard minerals to soften water, which now makes the water feel both smooth and silky. The end result is now the soap will work better by creating more suds, thus preventing it from leaving a filmy residue.